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about us

Belgians in Beijing (BiB) offers a wide range of social and recreational events bringing together fellow countrymen living in the Chinese capital city.

Our events will be organized monthly during daytime and evenings, for all tastes and ages! Don’t be shy, just join and we will gladly welcome you on our activities:

  1. Discovery of the Chinese culture and traditions: cooking classes, a visit to the tea market, an initiation to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), interesting lectures on Chinese history, …
  2. Maintaining Belgian traditions: Saint Nicolas celebration, carnival party, mussels & fries evening, …
  3. Family activities: board games, cycling tours, picnics on a summer Sunday,…
  4. Sports: join our football team or get some fresh air and come along on a unique Great Wall hike or a cycling tour! For the less active sports lovers, we got the Eurocup 2016 this summer. Come join and cheer with us for the Red Devils who might win their first big tournament!

BiB is a non-profit organization from Belgians for Belgians. All our activities are organized by a team of enthusiastic volunteers! If you feel like joining our team, please contact us!


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Contact us if you want to organize an event for the Belgian Community.

"Candlemass Brittany with BiB

When? 3:00pm on Sunday 4th February 2018
Where? Beermania - Sanlitun

Who should I contact? BiB [team@belgiansinbeijing.com]

One of the famous yearly events for expats in Beijing: Candlemans Day!!

Co-organized by Britons and Belgians in Beijing. Pancake and games party at Beermania !

Bring your friends and family at 3 pm and enjoy cider, Sirop de Liège Luikse Siroop with your Crepanini pancakes !

BiB at Shunyi

When? 7:00pm on Thursday 23rd November 2017
Where? Beijing Riviera, Xiangjiang North Road 1

Who should I contact? BiB [team@belgiansinbeijing.com]

For the first time in history and to reach out to our friends living close to the airport, in Shunyi...

BiB has organized a social drink at the Riviera Villa Compound, clubhouse.

Thanks to the sponsor, Moortgat, there will be free Duvels, and special deals on Vedett White.

Don't miss this opportunity and bring your friends!

Tchantchès & Nanesse in China!

When? 3:30pm on Saturday 24th June 2017
Where? Beer Mania
Who should I contact? BiB Team [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]

For the first time in China (maybe even in Asia?), Tchantchès and Nanesse will be performing for you the Legends of Liege!

Tchantchès, a puppet and folklore character (his name is the Walloon translation of “Fran¸ois”), is the personification of the true, stubborn, hard drinking and sulking person from Liege. Legend has it that Tchantchès was born in 760 between two cobble stones in the Djus-d’la-Moûse (lit. “beyond the Meuse River” in the local dialect, i.e. the popular district of Outremeuse). The good people who found him were amazed to hear him sing out as soon as he entered the world and ask for a glass of pèkèt. Tchantchès quickly turned into quite a kid, a good companion but also a very headstrong person. Nanesse his female companion (her name is the Walloon translation of “Agnès”), is courageous and affectionate, but does not allow herself to be taken in by Tchantchès.

Tchantchès will harangue the family public at Beer Mania in a mixture of French and “accessible” Walloon and draws them into his adventures. They are mostly linked to episodes in the life of Charlemagne. Tchantchès comes to the rescue of the Emperor by fighting the devil or the witch with sharp kicks from his clogs.

3rd BiB Hike

When? 8:00am on Saturday 17th June 2017
Who should I contact? BiB Team [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]

After 2 successful editions, our third hike will lead us to yet another place on the Great Wall: Huanghuacheng!
In the City of Yellow Flowers, 2 parts of the wall join together in a lake. A relatively short hike uphill will reward us with a beautiful view on the area of Huanghuacheng
As before: unspoiled and non touristic parts, max. 25 people
Extra treat: depending on weather and temperature, those who want can go for a swim in one of Beijings most stunning places, with a view on the Great Wall.


On June 17, 2017, the BiB organized a hiking outing to the Great Wall. After a hot and tiring climb, the group of 23 gathered at the foot of the Wall for a relaxing dip in the nearby lake. What was awaiting us at that same spot simply topped our expectation. The team of TRB stood all set-up to serve the BiB community a top-notch buffet, including some of their signature dishes and sparkling drinks. Who would have thought that the exact same high standards could be duplicated there, at the Great Wall. Food was abundant, and its taste was as great as its presentation. For the BiB community this was the perfect ending of a splendid day. A heartfelt thank you to TRB from all of us!

KTV in Sanlitun

When? 7:00pm on Saturday 20th May 2017
Where? Sanlitun Soho's Ibiza KTV (6th floor)

Who should I contact? BiB Team [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]

Because it's Chinese!
Because it's fun!
Because we even spotted Axelle Red and Stromae in their playlists!

Why else?
Because last time ROCKED!
Because BiB gives one round of booze!

In case you wish to participate, please email us so we know which size of room to book!

BiB Monthly Drink

When? 7:00pm on Thursday 18th May 2017
Where? Beer Mania
Who should I contact? BiB Team [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]

Our BiB Monthly Drink will be at Beer Mania this Thursday with a Chimay Pool Tournament!

The tournament is FREE and, of course, optional. So, don't be afraid if your Pool skills are not top-notch! Just join us for the drinks and our friendly community!

Send us a message if you want to attend the Pool Tournament! It will start at 20:00

Bring your BiB Card for special deals on some drinks!

BiB Monthly Drink with SPECIAL GUEST Sven Aften

When? 7:00pm on Thursday 27th April 2017
Where? De Refter
Who should I contact? BiB Team [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]

Special Book Talk (in English)

This month's BiB Monthly Drink will start off with a talk by Sven Agten about the general trends and his experiences in China as described in his book "How to make it in China" (the book is in Dutch). Alongside insights in recent evolutions within the Chinese society, he will give a comprehensive explanation about how China is rapidly moving from "Made in China" to "Designed in China".

Please, register for this drink before Tuesday April 25th!

Soccer Game: Beijing Guo’An vs Tianjin Quanjian

When? 7:00pm on Friday 21st April 2017
Where? Worker Stadium

Who should I contact? BiB Team [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]

The Worker’s Stadium usually gets pretty crowded when Beijing’s Guo’An plays against the competition.
We Belgians, however, might want to cheer for the other team as it is the club of our very own Axel Witsel!
Practical info will follow soon

1-year BiB celebration

When? 12:00pm on Saturday 8th April 2017
Where? Garden of the Belgian Embassy
Who should I contact? BiB Team [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]

A year ago, despite the chilly weather, a lot of compatriots turned up for our Belgians in Beijing Kick-Off Party at the Belgian Embassy! Delicious food from our Belgian caterers, nice music and good company contributed to a wonderful evening. This year, to celebrate our first anniversary, we are changing the concept a bit.

Ambassador Michel Malherbe invites the Belgian community to a BBQ to celebrate one year of BiB!

BBQ prepared and served by Morel's Restaurant.
Belgian Beer Bar by Beer Mania, De Refter, The Tree & Halve Maan.
Coffee and Belgian Waffles.
Games for the kids!

!!! Register before March 30th to attend this event !!!

KTV in Wudaokou

When? 2nd half March (date tbc)
Who should I contact? BiB Team [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]

We like to move it, move it! Belgium’s got talent, that’s for sure! After our last visit (we even sang some Stromae and Axelle Red songs!), we think it’s time for another KTV session (some of our BiB team never get enough of it :p ). Where can we do it better than in bustling Wudaokou? The district that never sleeps, the heart of bright minds and youthful energy (KTV has no age limits though!). A guaranteed night of song, dance and smiles!

BiB Monthly Drink

When? 12:00am on Wednesday 15th March 2017
Where? To be confirmed

Who should I contact? BiB Team [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]

Join us for our monthly drink!.

Painting & Pottery in the hutongs!

When? 12:00am on Saturday 4th March 2017
Where? 清秀阁陶艺吧 (Qing Xiu Ge Tao Art Café)
(南锣鼓巷菊儿胡同 41号院101室 (Nanluoguxiang Ju er hutong No. 41, room 101) It's really near to the famous bustling walking street of Nanluoguxiang. Pictures of location and map will be sent to the registrees.)

Always wanted to get to know your inner artistic self? This is your chance!
Located somewhere hidden in the inspiring hutongs of Nanluoguxiang, we will be able to take part in a painting and pottery class.
In between the last cold of winter and before the first days of spring, this will be a perfect afternoon event for young and old! Seats are very limited, so we suggest to confirm latest on Tuesday, February 28 to ensure your seat. Seat reservations after this date might be possible but cannot be guaranteed. The venue provides coffee, tea and cookies. A teacher will help out and give tips. Please pay in advance to Kerlijne (WeChat: 18612097278).
Painting: From 13:00 - 16:00, 79 RMB, 1 painting (including paint and cloth), only 8 seats available.
Pottery: From 14:00 - 16:00, 79 RMB, 2 pottery works (please note: after finished, the venue will color the works and bake them for us, you can pick them up after three weeks), only 8 seats available.

BiB Monthly Drink

When? 7:00pm on Wednesday 15th February 2017
Where? Beer Mania
Who should I contact? BiB Team [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]

This time, for the monthly BiB drink, we meet at Beer Mania, on February 15th at 7pm. Special Deal on Westmalle Double and Fresh Orange Juice! Come and bring your friends!

BiB Monthly Drink

When? 6:30pm on Wednesday 18th January 2017
Where? The Tree
Who should I contact? BiB Team [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]

This time, for the monthly BiB drink, we meet at The Tree, on Jan. 18th at 6.30pm. There will be All-Night-Happy-Hours for all BiB'ers! Come and bring your friends!

Karaoke with BiB!

When? 7:00pm on Saturday 17th December 2016
Where? 赛乐堡 Sai Le Bao
(北京双清路88号 华源世纪商务楼底商 (近清华大学东门)Beijing Shuangqing Street 88, Huayuan Century Mall (near the East Gate of Qinghua Univ.))

Who should I contact? Kerlijne (WeChat: kerlijne)

Also feel like you never got a chance to show other Belgians your hidden talents?

Well, this is your time to shine!

BiB welcomes all Belgians in Beijing for a cool and relaxing night of KARAOKE !!!

Are you no singer? (or rather, is your throat not in great shape with all that pollution going on?). No worries: join us for a beer, listen to / laugh at others, and make some new friends : - )

Because we would love to bring some more youth together this time, the event takes place in Wudaokou. Hope to see many of you there!

BiB Monthly Drink : BenCham Christmas Drink

When? 6:30pm on Wednesday 14th December 2016
Who should I contact? Frédéric
Fee? Pre-Payment for BiB: 250 Rmb

On December 14th, the BiB Community joins the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Beijing to organize the annual Christmas Party, bringing together the Benelux Community.

18:30 - 19:00 | Welcome and Registration
19:05 - 19:10 | Opening Word
19:10 - 22:30 | Christmas Party, including Christmas themed buffet & drinks

BiB Monthly Drink : Belgium King's Feast

When? 6:00pm on Tuesday 15th November 2016
Who should I contact? Beer Mania [contact@beermania.asia]
Fee? Charity Lucky Draw Tickets: 30 Rmb (4 for 100 Rmb)

This BiB Monthly Drink will be HUGE!!!

Belgium and China are celebrating BIG TIME the 45 years of diplomatic relationship between these two wonderful countries! At Beer Mania, we'll combine the Monthly BiB Drink, the 45 Years Anniversary and... Maovember 2016!!!

Join our Lucky Draw!!!
Thanks to the support of Omer Vander Ghinste Brewery!

Great Wall Hiking

When? 8:00am on Saturday 15th October 2016
Who should I contact? Luc Poppe [poppe.luc@gmail.com]
Fee? 100 RMB to cover the cost of transportation

After the success of our first hike and with Autumn being one of Beijing's best seasons, the hike will again be a nice getaway from the city crowds!

Registration required as we only have 25 seats on the bus.

Hutong Tour

When? 10:00am on Thursday 13th October 2016
Where? Qianmen Dajie, at the Wooden Gate.

Who should I contact? Sofie [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]
Fee? 150 Rmb

A rickshaw ride and walk through the hutongs of Dashilan under the professional guidance of Miriam Arbyn, followed by a lunch in a Chinese family home.

Payment required by Tue 11 Oct (WeChat ID: sofiedevoldere)
Minimum 6 participants needed

BiB Monthly Drink

When? 6:30pm on Wednesday 12th October 2016
Who should I contact? BiB Team [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]

This time, for the monthly BiB drink (every 2nd Wed. of the month) we meet at De Refter, on Oct. 12th at 6.30pm. There will be All-Night-Happy-Hour-Bracelets for all BiB'ers! Come and bring your friends!

Great Wall Hiking

When? 8:00am on Saturday 11th June 2016
Who should I contact? Luc Poppe [poppe.luc@gmail.com]
Fee? 100 RMB to cover the cost of transportation

A full day hiking on the Great Wall of China

Maximum 25 participants (bus capacity)

Belgian Mussels Dinner

When? 7:00pm on Wednesday 6th April 2016
Where? Beer Mania
Who should I contact? Thierry De Dobbeleer [contact@beermania.asia]
Fee? 138 Rmb (108 Rmb for the students

Join the BiB Wednesday at 19:00 for a Mussels Party!

  • 1 kg Mussels from New Zealand
  • Unlimited Belgian Fries with Mayonnaise
  • Grisette Blanche Mussels Soup
  • Omer Traditional Blond Beer 33cl

!!! Prepayment mandatory before April 4th at Beer Mania or by WeChat to Thierry !!!

Dancing Party

When? 8:00pm on Saturday 19th March 2016
Where? Beer Mania
Who should I contact? Catherine Vanderstichelen [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]
Fee? FREE Entrance, pay as you drink

BiB invites compatriots to a dancing party!

Live Band from 9pm to 11pm, then Dancing Music!

BiB Kick-Off Party

When? 6:30pm on Friday 11th March 2016
Where? Embassy of Belgium
Who should I contact? contact@belgiansinbeijing.com [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]

The “Belgians in Beijing” team would like to invite all Belgians and their families/partners to the BiB Kick-off Party on March 11.
Our Ambassador, Mr. Michel Malherbe, is opening his doors for this occasion.

Registration: before March 4
(Please provide names of people attending + age of children)

This event is organized with the help of:

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

When? 12:00am on Wednesday 24th February 2016

10 ladies visited a hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During the tour, a TCM doctor and pharmacist gave them a brief introduction to the basics of TCM and showed medicinal plants, minerals and animals. After theory, it was time for practice: all ladies could enjoy a treatment, ranging from acupuncture to cupping.

The event was concluded with a delicious hot pot at the famous Haidilao restaurant.

Board Games Afternoon

When? 1:00pm on Sunday 21st February 2016
Where? Beer Mania

Another great initiative from BiB, a Sunday afternoon Board Games. Great to see young and old playing together. Playing, eating and drinking, a typical Belgian Sunday in Beijing. This was all possible due to the amazing support of the team at Beer Mania. Thank you Thierry and co.!

Belgium on Ice

When? 10:00am on Thursday 28th January 2016
Where? Houhai Lake

During the city’s coldest winter days, we decided to get warm by doing what Belgians are well known for: cycling! This time however, not on cobblestones, but on a frozen Houhai Lake! The activity was ended with a nice Vietnamese lunch in restaurant ‘Nuage’. The ice-cycling seems to be a keeper!

In & Out Dinner

When? 12:00am on Thursday 14th January 2016
Where? Yunnan Restaurant In & Out

Our first official BiB dinner this year gathered 20 people together for a nice dinner at the Yunnan restaurant In & Out. A whole variety of food was served, hot and cold, sweet and sour, meat dishes and vegetarian,… All of this at a very decent price. A great get together!

Saint Nicolas

When? 3:00pm on Sunday 6th December 2015
Where? Nearby the Tree
Who should I contact? contact@belgiansinbeijing.com [contact@belgiansinbeijing.com]
Fee? FREE, only for children

This year, 47 Belgian children welcomed Saint Nicolas and his four Black Peters in Nearby the Tree. All parents were very relieved when Saint Nicolas announced there were no naughty children this year! All children received a gift from the Black Peter and with enough sweets and desserts for all guests, Patrick (Nearby the Tree) made sure Saint Nicolas will very likely come back again to Beijing next year! Thanks to the Belgian embassy for support & organization of the event.

Tips & Tricks

The BiB Community is here to help you settle down and make the most of your stay in Beijing! Join us on WeChat if you have any other question!

Once you get a Chinese phone number, you’ll quickly notice Wechat is a must have wherever you go in China. It is a kind of hybrid between Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. You can join a bunch of groups like BiB, Belgian Embassy, etc! Once you link your Wechat to a Chinese bank account (which is very easy in China) you can become member of the groups with more than 100 members and you can start paying and receiving with the payment app, incredibly convenient for small purchases (7/11 and jingkelong supermarkets, lots of restaurants and bars, city bicycles etc). No more need for too much cash in your pockets

A small eye test is required: just smile at the medical assistant, say ‘ni hao’ and after you get your stamped papers back, go to the Traffic Bureau (No 18 Nansihuan Donglu, 100023 Chaoyang) where you can change your Belgian license for a Chinese one (thanks to a bilateral agreement between our 2 countries). Documents required: passport with residence permit (no tourists), 2 pics, registration paper from local police, overseas driving license and translation (form provided at police station) and an application form.

Next: get yourself a car, learn some traffic survival skills and be safe! Oh, and don’t forget : Glaasje op ? Laat je rijden ! Bu un verre? Laissez-vous conduire!

You can get money from ATM’s with credit cards and Maestro cards (Maestro usually only works in Europe, but your bank can lift this restriction for 3 months at a time so you can use it abroad as well).

Beware of fake money! Especially taxi drivers seem to be experts in exchanging real notes for fake ones. Try to pay the exact amount where possible and always check the big notes (100RMB, 50RMB). Fake ones feel different (less structure, numbers might be missing). Lately reports have been made of fake money from stand-alone ATM’s in supermarkets and shopping malls. Where possible, it’s better to get money directly from a bank instead of machines refilled by third parties.

Don’t forget to register at the embassy:

Whether you are studying, doing an internship, full time working or just passing by as a traveler, we advise you to always register your presence at the embassy (beijing@diplobel.fed.be). That way, in the unlikely case of an emergency, they will be able to check if all of us are safe and sound and you will be added to their mailing list (which is cool because every now and then they throw a fancy party).

BiB Card

As a Belgian in Beijing, you are entitled to a BiB Card! Get yours during our Monthly Drinks or other Events organized by the BiB!
With a BiB Card, you'll get awesome discounts and promotions at quality vendors around Beijing.

Beer Mania

Enjoy 20% discount on Food & Beverages at Beer Mania, Sanlitun South Street!

Play Pool, eDarts, Kicker (Foosball) and...
Do not miss their HAPPY HOURS! Half Price on 8 Belgian Draft Beers, Cocktails & Shooters everyday from 4pm to 8pm!


de Refter

Enjoy 20% discount on Food & Beverages at de Refter in Sanlitun!



You miss Belgium? Renaat will offer a digestive to you and your guests at the end of a succulent Belgian Dinner!


The Tree

Enjoy 20% discount on Food & Beverages at de Refter in Sanlitun!

Try their Pizzas, the best in Beijing!!!


T.R.B. Hutong & Forbidden City

Brunch Fit For a King/Queen:

Enjoy a 5-pick set of TRB Brunch, alongside with a 5-pour wine-pairing program, for a smart price of 488 RMB +15% service charge per person (Originally at 526+15% service charge)



Hutong School

Enjoye 10% discount to learn Chinese and get the most of your adventure in China!

For both private and group classes!


. Most vendors have a 'No double dicounts' policy. Please, double check with the vendor before making any purchase.
. Check this page often for updated Vendors List and Offers!

Belgian Bars & Restaurants

Do you miss Belgium? Ease the pain and find your way to the best Belgian beers, mussels, fries…

Beer Mania


The Tree

T.R.B. Hutong

T.R.B. Forbidden City

De Refter

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